Backline |
Backline's Talk Line offers a safe and confidential space for women and their loved ones to talk openly about pregnancy, parenting, abortion and adoption. Call toll free from anywhere in the U.S.

Exhale |
Need to talk after your abortion? Exhale offers a free, After-Abortion Talkline that provides emotional support, resources and information.

Our Truths/Nuestras Verdades |
(English and Spanish.) Our Truths - Nuestras Verdades is a quarterly print and on-line magazine dedicated to bringing to light the diversity of abortion experiences while creating a safe space for women and men to speak their truths.

Project Voice |
This website began as an oral history project, but it is ongoing. There is no “right” story for Project Voice. These are stories by women who feel relief, regret, strength, grief, clarity, confusion, guilt, and freedom, in making a decision they all share..

I'm Not Sorry |
I'm Not Sorry is a website where women can share their positive experiences with abortion. There are hundreds of stories on the site, and you can easily upload your own.

Global Voices |
(English and Spanish.) Around the globe, anti-woman and anti-abortion forces have put up social, economic and political barriers to reproductive healthcare services for women and girls. By contributing your story to Global Women's Voices, you help build a community of people who understand the real-world impact of restrictive laws and defunding of services.

Feminist Women's Health Center |
"Feminism begins with women sharing their experiences." Established in 1980, FWHC is a nonprofit organization that promotes and protects a woman's right to choose and receive reproductive health care. This site is another place you can read the abortion stories of others and share your own.

Behind Every Choice is a Story |
Behind Every Choice is a Story is a wonderful book by Gloria Feldt about the huge range of reproductive choices women make every day. You can send your story to Gloria for possible inclusion in new editions of the book.